About Unipaq Inc.

unipaq-cert-stampIn 2023, Chicago-based Unipaq celebrates its 22nd year as a leading national supplier of custom packaging. In that time, we have utilized the most cutting-edge packaging materials and designs to win our customers’ business. Packaging has changed dramatically in the last decade, and Unipaq is proud to say we have been at the forefront.

The reason that makes Unipaq “your unique packaging supplier” is simple. Most packaging companies simply supply packaging materials and leave the rest up to you. Unipaq goes further to help you design a package around your product, ensuring it will arrive at your customer safe, clean, and at minimal cost. With our years of product knowledge and design capabilities, we will present you with packaging choices that you may have never even considered. Working in partnership with Unipaq will demonstrate how truly unique our process is and why it works.

Our goal is, and will always be, to provide our customers with the best possible package at the lowest price. Guaranteed.