Custom Protective Foam Packaging

Custom designed foam packaging is a Unipaq specialty. We are experts at taking a new or existing product and designing a package that will withstand the abuse it receives during shipment. Drawing on our wide array of foam materials and densities available, Unipaq will create a pack unique to your product. Our solutions-driven team considers:

  • The weight and fragility of your product
  • What damage your product is getting now or has seen in past shipments
  • How you ship (FedEx/UPS or on skids)
  • How many of these items you ship in a given period
  • The amount of space your plant has to store packaging material
  • The dollar amount you have allocated to your packaging

Taking these factors into consideration, we will design and build a free prototype for you. You can use this prototype to test an actual shipment to see how our pack performs. You can also use it to get feedback from your customers and packaging department. We use these suggestions and critiques to build a final package that will meet everyone’s approval.

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Foam Materials and Designs


Blue Polyethylene Foam End Caps

Custom Foam Case Inserts

Die Cut Polyethylene Foam Harp Package

Die Cut Polyurethane Parts

Flatscreen Pack – 1

Flatscreen Pack – 2

Light Fixture Pack

Molded Antistatic Polyurethane Cushion

Plasma TV Polyethylene End Caps

Tearaway Foam

Our fabricated foam cushions can be made with “tear aways”, portions of the foam that can be removed to accommodate different size products. This allows 1 set of foam end caps to be used for numerous different size products. This saves money by only needing 1 cutting die, saves warehouse space by only having to store 1 foam product, and eliminates the guesswork for packers by only having to grab 1 foam set no matter what product they need to package.

Foam Cushions with Tearaways

1-2-3 Tearaway Foam Parts Example

Foam Tearaways 1

Foam Tearaways 2

Waterjet Cutting Table

We utilize a Waterjet Cutting Table for prototypes and small runs. It cuts parts accurately and quickly, without the concavity you get when die cutting thick foam planks. It can cut all densities of foam, from the softest polyurethanes to stiff 4 lb. polyethylene.
For small runs, it avoids the need for a costly cutting die, allowing us to make foam parts without the added expense of tooling. And for prototypes, we can make full size samples for you to approve before we order tooling for higher volume production runs.



Reusable Foam Pack

Reusable packaging is a very popular item for companies that ship the same product back and forth repeatedly. This packaging method is perfect for companies involved in Reverse Logistics and Audio Visual Rental. Our durable plastic corrugated packaging can be customized with Velcro closures, sonic-welded sides for added strength, and foam cushion interiors. And because customers get several “turns” from this packaging, it is environmentally-friendly, since the same package can be used again and again.

Reusable Foam Pack

Reusable Foam Pack 1

Reusable Foam Pack 2

Reusable Foam Pack 3

Foam Packaging Challenge

A local Chicago company approached us with this unique packaging challenge. They needed to ship vases of roses to Europe to display in high-end hotels. We had to keep the vase stable, stay away from the flowers, and give the roses some head space so they wouldn’t crush from the top of the box. We incorporated 2 pieces of Masonite into our foam design to hold the vase down, but without touching the roses. We also made it easy for the packers to use by simply placing the vase in the pack and folding up the sides. We placed 2 hand holes in the top so their customers just had to grab the pack and pull it out of the shipping box. It worked! And is still being used today.


Vase of Roses Pack 1

Vase of Roses Pack 2

Stock Foam & Protective Packaging

Protective and Poly Packaging

Foam Rolls