Stretch Film and Pallet Wrap

Welcome to the future of pallet wrapping with Unipaq Stretch Film! Our revolutionary stretch film enhances your packaging efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. With 55 layers of cutting-edge technology, this film sets a new industry standard for strength, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

The key features for our Stretch Film and Pallet Wrap include:

  • Superior Puncture Resistance: Our stretch film’s 55-layer construction provides unparalleled puncture resistance, ensuring that your pallets and products remain intact and secure throughout their journey.
  • Reduced Plastic Use: Embrace sustainability without compromise. Unipaq Stretch Film reduces plastic use by an impressive 60-70%, contributing to a greener future while maintaining top-notch performance.
  • Thinner Profile, Greater Strength: Say goodbye to bulky wrapping. Our film’s thin yet robust design allows for safe and effortless handling, while maintaining exceptional load-holding strength.
  • Best Price Guarantee: We understand the importance of delivering value to our customers. Unipaq Stretch Film offers high-end performance without the high-end price tag, ensuring you get the best price guarantee.

Make a sustainable choice for your packaging needs with Unipaq Stretch Film and Bio Film. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that prioritize both performance and the environment. Contact us today to learn more about how our stretch film options can elevate your packaging process while reducing your carbon footprint. Your journey to greener, more efficient packaging starts here.

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Eco-Friendly Stretch Film

A more eco-conscious Stretch Film and Pallet Wrap

For those committed to a more eco-conscious approach, we proudly offer Unipaq Bio Machine and Hand Film. Powered by innovative technology, this film promotes biodegradation, breaking down polymers and integrating them back into the ecosystem. In lab tests, biodegradation occurred in just 2 years and 3 months. Enjoy the same exceptional qualities of versatility, puncture resistance, load-holding force, and clarity while making a positive impact on the environment.


Biodegradation in 2 Years

Unipaq Bio Film breaks down in as little as 2 years, significantly reducing its environmental impact and contributing to a healthier planet.

Versatility and Performance

Whether by machine or hand, Unipaq Bio Film excels in a wide range of applications. Count on high puncture resistance and consistent load-holding force.

Quiet Unwind

Experience hassle-free handling with our film’s quiet unwind feature, ensuring a smooth and efficient wrapping process.

Excellent Clarity

Maintain visibility of your products while benefiting from the outstanding clarity of Unipaq Bio Film.