Edge Protectors & Partitions

Introducing Unipaq’s newest innovative packaging product: CROSSGAUGE EDGE PROTECTORS.

We are able to reduce the wall thickness of our cornerboard by 25% without sacrificing strength. The result will save you money, protect your skid loads, expand storage space (more boards per skid), and help the environment by using less material.

  • Available in White or Kraft
  • Printing available
  • Strongest board on the market
  • Fully wrapped board
  • Reusable & Recyclable

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Edge Protectors

Edge Protectors and Cornerboards

70 DANB 1 525×245

Corner Board

Paper Edgeboard Protector

Custom Printing

We can custom print cornerboards with your company name, logo, special handling instructions, etc. Printed boards increase product visibility and name recognition, providing low-cost advertising, and improved product image. Printing requires a 2-3 week lead time and a minimum order quantity to qualify.


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Protective & Poly Packaging

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Edge Protectors / Bundle Quantities

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Edge Protectors / Skid Quantities


Product Description

Commonly referred to as “box dividers”, partitions are a type of packaging that separates and unitizes products to protect them during shipment. Using interlocking pads of paperboard, partitions create smaller compartments, or “cells”, within a larger container. The purpose is to protect individual items from one another within the shipping box. Without partitions, items might bang into one another or topple, causing product damage.

In addition to safely packaging the items within a box, partitions also provide supplemental stacking strength to a box through the use of their vertical walls.

Partions come in several standard sizes, as well as custom sizes, depending upon your particular project’s requirements. We can make the partitions from corrugated or chipboard material. We also offer several coatings for the board to reduce abrasion and potential scratching of your product. They are recyclable, reusable, and made in the USA.

Give Unipaq a call today for a free consultation to see if partitions can help protect your valuable products.

Box Partitions

Chipboard Partition

Corrugated Box with Corrugated Partition

Hawaiian Moonshine Bottle Partition

Partition Cutaway