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Cool New Products: Air Pillows

Always in search of a better way to package your products, Unipaq now carries AIRplus air pillows to replace outdated loose fill and stuffing papers. These air pillows are a low-cost, highly effective interior cushioning, block & bracing, and void fill option that deliver significant benefits. Light, clean and strong, they protect your packages and retain their size and shape, ensuring your shipments reach their destination without damage. Since air is weightless, your shipping costs are brought to an absolute minimum. Perforations between the pillows allow users to select as many or as few as they need. They are also reusable.

When world class fuse manufacturer Littelfuse was looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to pack their thousands of boxes that they ship every day, they turned to Unipaq for a solution.




We installed an airveyor delivery system that feed the pillows through ductwork and into a large hopper. This hopper has holes in it at each packing station allowing each worker to easily use the pillows and pack on the fly.




When the hopper reaches a certain low point, electric eyes trigger the AIRplus machine to engage and refill the hopper. Once again, Unipaq met another packaging challenge and delivered a solution!