Free Prototypes

Unipaq has a full staff of packaging engineers to design the perfect package to fit your needs. We can design packaging for your new product from the ground up, or revise an existing package that may not be working or costs too much. Our access to a vast array of materials gives us numerous options as to how we can protect your product and save you money.

Our design phase takes the following steps to ensure you are satisfied with our final product:

  • Initial consultation with client to determine objectives for proposed packaging
  • Design and prototyping of new packaging
  • Presentation of new packaging to client
  • Client typically “test ships” new packaging to determine effectiveness
  • Revisions made to package if necessary
  • Drop testing services available if certification is needed
  • Final design and pricing presented to client
  • If needs are met, and client approves, packaging is manufactured and delivered

The designing and prototyping of the new packaging is free. And we will provide as many free prototype samples as needed for the customer to make their decision.

We also offer warehousing services for your packaging material. If a customer knows they will use a certain amount of packaging over a certain period of time but doesn’t have space for all of it, we will hold the material in our warehouse and deliver it to the customer on an as-needed basis.

Bring us your packaging challenges today and let us help improve your packaging program and save you money!

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Free Prototypes

Free Prototype

Whether we design a pack out of paper, foam, wood or plastic, Unipaq will provide full size prototypes for you to inspect, test ship, or change if needed.

If revisions are needed, we’ll make your design changes until you’re happy with the finished product. There is no charge to the customer at any time during this design process. Our goal is to get to a package design that you’re happy with, as well as your customers.

Free Prototype Examples

Protective Foam Packaging

Luxilon Racket Resting on Top