Triplewall Corrugated Boxes

Unipaq specializes in strong durable bulk containers made from quality triple wall corrugated to protect large, heavy and delicate products.

As strong as wood, but over 50% lighter, triplewall corrugated will save you freight costs. And because they are so strong and durable, triplewall boxes can be used again and again.

We carry several stock sizes for customers only needing a limited number of cartons. For those larger specialty projects, we can custom design triplewall boxes to your specifications. This includes custom sizing, specific pallet configurations, and printing the containers with your company’s graphics.

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Industries Served by Triple Wall Boxes

Air Cargo/Baggage Containers
Auto Parts
Exporting/Export Compliant
Fabricated Metals/Castings/Stampings

Heavy Duty OEM Packaging
Moving and Storage Crate Boxes
Railroad Parts
Reusable Packaging

Weatherproof & Recyclable Corrugated Crate Boxes

Introducing! Weatherproof & Recyclable Corrugated Crate Boxes!

Our revolutionary Weatherproof Crate Boxes are made using recycled plastic water bottles. The finished product is a corrugated box that can withstand exposure to the elements. They are water-repellant and moisture resistant. The many benefits include: Weatherproof and 100% recyclable
Significantly lighter that wooden crates = freight savings
Less space to store and quicker to assemble than wood crates
Excellent stacking strength
One truckload of Weatherproof Crate Boxes recycles 70,000 plastic water bottles
Oil, grease, and water resistant
Available in single, double, and triple wall corrugated board thicknesses


Triplewall Corrugated Containers

Custom options
Custom Options for Triplewall Boxes

Partition Cutaway

Small Pallet Box with Cover

Triplewall Octagonal Bulk Bin Box

Triplewall Octagonal Bulk Pallet Box

Unipaq Bulk Shipping Kit 1

Unipaq Bulk Shipping Kit 2

Stock Bulk Cargo Containers

Bulk Cargo Containers

Air Freight Cargo Containers