Foam-in-Place Packaging

Unipaq’s most versatile packaging product is our Foam-In-Place Cushioning System. Literally molding foam around the shape of any product, Foam-In-Place is ideal for packaging products of various sizes, shapes and weights. These custom cushions are made “on demand” at your packing station. The result is a foam cushion that is impact resistant, resilient, and lightweight, saving on transportation costs. and since Foam-In-Place isn’t formed until it is needed, it takes up a fraction of the space needed for fabricated foams, bubble wrap and other pre-made cushioning products.

Foam-In-Place is particularly popular with businesses involved in Reverse Logistics, Remanufacturing, and Refurbishing. When packing hundreds of different products, all with different shapes and sizes, Foam-In-Place is a smart packaging choice to handle everything.

We have 2 different foam dispensing systems: The MD50 Foam-in-Bag machine, which produces foam-filled bags, and the EZ100 Direct Hand-held system. For more information on both systems, click on the specifications below.

Unipaq also has a staff of skilled service technicians to ensure your Foam-In-Place machines are operating at peak efficiency. Responding to most calls within 24 hours, our techs will be at your facility quickly to service your foam machine and have you packing again in no time.

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Universal Foam In Place

Unipaq’s Universal Foam In Place technology produces a higher yielding foam that provides

  • Superior Protection
  • Material Cost Savings and Source Reduction
  • Lower Shipping Cost
Molded Parts

Molded Foam In Place Cushions

Molded part
Molded Part 1

Molded Parts
Molded Part 2

MD 50 Foam In Bag Machine Description

Our MD 50 Foam-In-Bag machine is designed for smaller items. Capable of producing 23 foam filled bags per minute, the MD 50 allows the operator to change bag sizes and foam-fill amounts based upon their packaging requirements. It’s been designed to cut waste, improve efficiency and simplify operator training.

MD 50 Foam In Bag Machine Image


MD 50 Products

MD 50 Free Forming Around Product – 1

MD 50 Free Forming Around Product – 2

MD 50 Free Forming Around Product – 3

MD 50 Free Forming Around Product – 4

EZ100 Direct Foam System Description

The EZ100 Direct Foam System is manually operated and perfect for larger, heavier items. One of the fastest foam-in-place systems available, the EZ 100 keeps up with your busy packaging process without sacrificing foam quality. In addition, the self-diagnosing software keeps the EZ 100 working smoothly and effectively. The foam gun is self-cleaning, ensuring a solid shot of foam every time.

EZ100 Direct Foam System Image

EZ100 Handheld Machine

EZ100 Products

EZ 100 Free Forming Around Product – 1

EZ 100 Free Forming Around Product – 2

EZ 100 Free Forming Around Product – 3

EZ 100 Free Forming Around Product – 4

Foam In Place Bags and Polyfilms

Our Foam-In-Place Bags and Polyfilm, available in standard and antistatic quality, are specifically designed for use with our machines. Combining tremendous strength and flexibility, they act as a “cushioning envelope” for the foam. Both the film and bags come in rolls and are available in a range of widths to suit the application. Each roll carries the environmental-protection data you require.

Bags and Film

Bags and films
Bags and Film 1

Bags and Films
Bags and Film 2